We import genuine Colombian hammocks and hammock chairs made on the Caribbean cost of Colombia. On our search to find authentic hammocks from South-America we have visited suppliers to make sure that their hammocks were produced in an ethical way. We have chosen our supplier not only for the quality of the products but also for their way to treat their employees and the Eco-friendly cotton they use. Polyester is added to the fabric for more resistance.

Cotton threads come from the clothing industry leftovers. They spin the yarn keeping it's original colour so no bleach is used and material is recuperate instead of going to the garbage.

We carry many different models of true Colombian hammocks. The AMAZONA SINGLE which is 140cm (55") wide, The CARIBE  is 160cm (63") and the CAROLINA DOUBLE that is 165cm (65") with a nice jacquard finish.

We also carry the most comfortable chair hammocks on the market. These suspended chairs come with a leg-rest that will hold your whole leg for perfect moments of relaxation.

Finally, the perfect baby hammock is also produced in Colombia.



A typical characteristic of all hammocks manufactured in Colombia is the open-loop-suspension.

Tearproof selvage

The two borders of the lying surface feature a particularly tight weave. Thanks to this robust surface, exceptional stability is guaranteed.

High number of suspension cords.

Additional comfort thanks to a multitude of suspension cords that distribute the weight equally to the cloth of the hammock and hence give a unique feeling of agravity.


  • Whenever you see "brazilian style" or "mayan style" hammocks or chair hammocks chances are this is an imitation.. 

  • If left outside all the time cotton hammocks will fade the first year, then rot and mildew will leave traces on your hammocks and it will end up being more fragile.
We also offer now top quality hammocks from LA SIESTA

LA SIESTA has developed a fabric that can stay outside all summer long.

They also make the COLIBRI travel hammocks; DOUBLE CAMO and QUILTED hammocks

The FLORA is probably the most beautiful hammock on the Canadian market. The colours, the weaving, the bigger size (180cm wide)  and the use of pure organic cotton make this one a luxury hammock. You will not find it at a better price.